8 Parts of Speech Definitions

8 Parts of Speech Definitions

8 parts of speech definitions provide a simple definition for the eight parts of speech.

When you improve your grammar, you are taking the first steps in improving your communication.

The eight (8) parts of speech are the basic building blocks of language. It is imperative that you recognize the eight (8) parts of speech (see below) and learn how to use them in writing and speaking. The results will be that you will become a better communicator.

Eight Parts of Speech Definitions

1. Nouns

A noun is a naming word. A noun may name a person, place, thing or idea.

2. Verbs

A verb is either an action word or a state-of-being-word.

An action verb is a doing word. A state-of-being-verb shows state-of-being or links two nouns together when they relate to each other in the same sentence. State-of-being verbs do not show action. They are: am, is, are, was and were.

3. Adjectives

An Adjective describes or modifies a noun. Adjectives tell which, how many, what kind of and whose.

4. Pronouns

Pronouns take the place of nouns. Pronouns are divided into first, second and third person.

  • First Person Pronouns - person speaking - I, we, me and us
  • Second Person Pronouns - person spoken to - you
  • Third Person Pronouns - person spoken about - he, she, him, her, it, they and them

5. Adverbs

Adverbs tell about verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. Adverbs add meaning or intensity to verbs. Adverbs tell how, when or where about a verb.

6. Prepositions

Propositions show position or how things go together. Also they start prepositional phrases.

7. Conjunctions

Conjunctions are joining words. Coordinating conjunctions join things that are alike. Correlative conjunctions are always used in pairs.

8. Interjections

Interjections express strong or sudden feeling. They are not needed to complete a sentence.

  • A strong interjection is followed by an exclamation mark and a capital letter.
  • A mild interjection is followed by just a comma.

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