A List of Irregular Verbs

A list of irregular verbs will show how past and past participles are formed and provide a list of irregular verbs.

Example of Irregular Verbs

Remember verbs have four principal parts: present, present participle, past, and past participle.

With regular verbs, the past and past participle are formed by adding ed to the present form.

Present Present Participle Past Past Participle
rally rallying rallied rallied
turn turning turned turned

Irregular verbs do not form thier past or past priniciples in the same way as regular verbs. That's why they are called irregular verbs.

A List of Irregular Verbs

Present Present Participle Past Past Participle
beat beating beat beaten
begin beginning began begun
bind binding bound bound
bite biting bit bitten
blow blowing blew blown
break breaking broke broken
bring bringing brought brought
catch catching caught caught
choose choosing chose chosen
come coming came came

You can download an extended list of irregular verbs by clicking A List of Irregular Verbs.

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