Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is a Children's book written by Adrienne Kress which tells the story of Alex Morningside who is an inquisitive ten-year-old girl who finds herself in an adventure of a life time when she is called upon to rescue Mr Underwood while encountering a cast of strange and magical characters.

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is a story about Alex Morningside who is a young girl (sometimes mistaken for a boy because of her haircut) who lives with her uncle who runs a doorknob shop.

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Alex Morningside is an orphan with a very bright mind who is in some ways disappointed with her past school teachers.

However, all this changes when Alex becomes friends with her new sixth grade teacher, Mr Underwood. Mr Underwood is kind of intelligent, funny and unusual. Nevertheless, he has a way with children which changes Alex's view to schooling.

The story unfolds when Alex discovers that Mr Underwood is more than he seems, that is, he is an heir to a huge fortune of buried treasure. But of course, no one knows where the treasure map is located. Well, Alex to the rescue. She finds the map but in the mean time Mr Underwood is captured by a group of pirates while her uncle is killed.

While faced with a heartless and dimwitted police officer, Alex decides to set out on an unusual adventure to save Mr Underwood and recover the buried treasure.

Her adventure takes her through a forest where she meets interesting groups of people which involves piracy, humor and highly imaginative situations.

Alex Morningside learn that life is some times unfair and scary but in the end she realized that there are some things worth fighting for.

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is a tale of adventure in a magical world of piracy and intrigue. Alex and the Ironic Gentleman is a great book to read.

Author - Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Adrienne Kress is the author of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Publication Date: September 21, 2007

Category: Young Readers Fiction

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