Banks Behaving Badly

It seems more banks are behaving badly. Banks Behaving Badly need to be held accountable, especially when they blatantly rip people off and over charge with interest and account fees.

Banks Behaving Badly

It seems Banks Behaving Badly are again in the news. This time it is the NAB.

John Rolfe from The Daily Telegraph writes: "The court found NAB charged Mr Kay and his business partners Mehmet Canli and Ozden inak 20 per cent interest when it had no right to charge more than 6 per cent. NAB was ordered to pay $280,000 in damages, pluse over-charged interest" (December 03, 2010 12:00am).

You can read the full story by clicking on Banks Behaving Badly.

Banks Behaving Badly has been exposed on the ABC's 4 Corners Program and The Today Tonight Program on Channel 7.

It seems that banks overcharge people on their monthly mortgage interest. It usually goes unnoticed because people seldom have the means to check their monthly bank statements.

It is worth noting that if there is a continual overcharging of mortgage interest on your loan, you could be out of pocket $1000's or even $10's thousands of dollars over the life period of your loan.

Banks Behaving Badly - Today Tonight

The Today Tonight Show exposes the banks behaving badly by overcharging people with their monthy mortgage interest.

You can preview Mortgage Watchdog by clicking on Banks Behaving Badly.

More Banks Behaving Badly

Eric Johnston from the Sydney Morning Herald wrote that the "National Australia Bank and Westpac were among global banks to borrow billions of dollars in emergency funds from the US Federal Reserve at the height of financial crisis."

Kris Sayce from Money Morning Australia notes NAB and Westpac's secret bailout.

The Big Four Banks raised their rates more than RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia). For more information, click on The Four Big Banks Raised Their Rates More Than RBA.

Want to know the obscene amounts that four CEO's are taking out of your bank accounts? Click on Big Four Banks' Bossess in $44 Million Salary Bonanza.

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