Basic Bible Interpretation

Basic Bible Interpretation looks at the four major terms in the interpretive process in order to ascertain the meaning of the text of Scripture under investigation.

Basic Bible Interpretation

To understand basic Bible interpretation, you will need to grasp the four major terms in the interpretive process.

Taking the time to define the four major terms in the interpretive process will help bible students to know without a doubt how these terms fit into the interpretive process.

1. Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics is a set of principles or rules that guides the bible student in determining the meaning of the Scriptures.

The set of principles do vary among the different hermeneutical methods. However, the important point here is that hermeneutics is a set of priniciples that guide the bible student in determining the meaning of a biblical text.

2. Exegesis

Exegesis is the skilful application of the hermeneutical principles that the bible student has established in order ascertain the meaning of the biblical text under investigation.

To put it another way, hermeneutics is the principles and exegesis is the application of those principles.

3. Exposition

Exposition is simply the communication of the meaning of the Scriptures along with the application to the audience. By the way, the term used for this process is homiletics.

4. Preunderstanding

Preunderstanding is often a forgotten concept in the interpretive process. Preunderstanding is basically the body of assumptions and attitudes which the bible student brings to the Scriptures.

In other words, these assumptions and attitudes influence the bible student when he approaches the Scriptures. Therefore, the bible student must be aware of his preunderstanding so that he can examine the biblical text with objectivity and therefore allow the meaning of the Scriptures speak for themselves.

To find out more about Basic Bible Interpretation, click on Hermeneutics.

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