Centering Tables Inside Div In FireFox

Centering tables inside div in firefox requires a simply code placed in your web page. If this code is not placed in the web page, you will find that FireFox will not center tables inside div tags. However, it seems that Internet Explorer does.

Centering Tables Inside Div in FireFox

<div align="center">
This code works in all browsers; and if you need more definitions, add class information like
<div class="mydiv" align="center">
and put it in your CSS file.

It is important to remember that there is an anomaly in browsers when it comes to centering tables inside div tags.

Internet Explorer will center tables inside div tags in CSS file. However, FireFox will not center tables inside div tags in CSS file. That's why it is important to put this simple code within your web page.

<div class="promo" align="center">

If you put align="center" inside your div tags on your web page, then tables or images will center in all browsers.

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