Creating a Zip File

Creating a zip file provides the steps for creating and uploading compressed zip folders.

How to Create a Zip File

I am assuming you know your way around computers. Therefore, follow the steps below and you will be able to create and upload zip files.

1. To create a zip file, you will need WinZip utility.

You can download WinZip Utility Here if you do not have this utility.

2. Create a New Folder on Desktop

Name the new folder and place all the files in the folder. For example, you may want to zip a website template. Name your folder Website Template. Next, you will need to put all the files in this folder.

3. Right click on new folder (eg. Website Template) and a menu will appear.

Creating a Zip File

4. Select "Add to Website" as shown above.

5. You have now created "website" on your desktop.

How to Upload Zip Folder

I am assuming you know how to use an ftp and you have web hosting.

1. Upload the zip folder to your web hosting.

To upload your zip folder to your web hosting, you will need an ftp. Download FileZilla Here if you do not have an ftp.

2. Upload zip folder (eg. Website to your designated website.

3. Put a link on your website page to download zip folder.

For example, your link may look like this. Click here to download website templates -

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