Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop

Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop is one way to add a professional touch to your portrait photography. You can create digital backgrounds in photoshop in a matter of minutes.

Digital Backgrounds For Photoshop

Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop creates digital backgrounds in a matter of minutes and these digital backgrounds add a professional touch to your portrait photography.

If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can make digital backgrounds for several different applications. One of those applications is portrait photography. The more familiar you become with Adobe Phhotoshop, the more your digital backgrounds will have that professional look.

With the photograph to your right, I simply took an image of a brick wall and applied a couple of filters to give it an interesting look and added a portrait photograph.

To add a portrait photograph to your digital background, you will need to extract the image and merge it with your digital background.

When you merge your portrait image to your digital background, it is important that you create a soft focus effect. A soft focus effect gives your new portrait a professional look and highlights subject or subjects of your new portrait photograph.

How To Make Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop

Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop

Digital backgrounds in photoshop are quite easy to create. In fact, you can create them in a matter of minutes. Let me show you!

Take a digital photograph of a brick wall. Make sure the brick wall fills your image. Upload your image of the brick wall to your computer. Open photoshop and select the image of the brick wall. Size your photograph with the following dimensions: width 800 pixels, height 530 pixels and resolution at 72 (or 300). Create a new layer and fill it with a color. Open opacity in the layer palette and select hard mix.

You will notice that the brick wall has now changed. You can adjust the opacity in order to get the look you want for your digital background. Also, you can add layers and filters to get different effects. The look of your digital backgrounds is really up to you in the end.

Once you have your digital background, extract an image and merge it with the digital background. You will need to create a soft focus effect that give the image a professional look. If you want to know more about soft focus effects, click on the Digital Background Secrets link below.

Digital backgrounds in photoshop have many applications. One of those applications is portrait photography. However, I created this portrait image above for an article I wrote on marriage.

Mastering Digital Backgrounds in Photoshop will add that professional touch to the images you created.

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