Free Fathers Day Sermons

Free Fathers Day Sermons provide some inspirational thoughts in order to prepare a sermon for Father's Day.

Free Father's Day Sermons

Being a Godly Role Model in Your Family - (2 Timothy 2:20-26)

Mickey Mantle, an almost mythical baseball star who feared he had failed to fulfill career expectations because of alcohol abuse and whose recent years were haunted by self-recrimination, died of cancer early Sunday. He was 63. The former New York Yankees center fielder and a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame said at a July 28 news conference that he had squandered a gifted life and warned admirers he was no role model. “God gave me the ability to play baseball. God gave me everything,” he said. “For the kids out there, don’t be like me.” (Los Angeles Times, Monday, August 14, 1951).

Conversely, Nick Vujicic is the perfect role model for all Christians. He may have no limbs, however, he has no limits when it come to God and serving Him. As Paul Colman writes, “If the size of a man’s capacity lies in his heart and spirit, then Nick Vujicic is a giant of a man! He is tenacious, captivating and enthralling. It is the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth that sustains him and he shines like the brightest lighthouse. I’d travel a long way to hear him speak and would have him on my stage any time. I could not endorse another human being more highly.”

What makes a godly role model? What makes a vessel of honor for God’s service? Well, the apostle Paul gave some hints when he encouraged Timothy to strive to be a godly role model. In short, it begins with a cleansed life—a life that shuns sinful activities and those who propagate sinful activities. At the same time, it involves a sanctified life—a life committed to God and His service. In many ways, a godly role model is someone who has put his life totally in God’s hands—allowing God to mould and shape his life to the honor of God.

On this father’s day, will you allow God to mould and shape your life for His honor and service?

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