Free Topical Sermons

Free Topical Sermons is a brief overview of what is a topical sermon and how to write a topical sermon.

Free Topical Sermons

Free Topical Sermons

I often hear people say, "What is a topical sermon?" I suppose you could get several responses to that question. For me, a topical sermon is a message that expands and explains a biblical principle or a spiritual truth.

Topical sermons usually expand and explain topics like grace, love, peace, hope, salvation, sanctification, forgiveness, devotion to God, spiritual growth, faith, repentance, justification, glorification, creation, living for Jesus and so forth.

Whenever you begin to prepare a topical sermon, you need to form an angle or perspective to your topical message. For example, you may want to preach on the characteristics of God's grace or the benefits of experiencing God's grace or the necessities of God's grace.

You may want to preach on God's love. You could look at God's love from several different perspectives or angles. For example, you could preach on how to share God's love with others or how much does God love the church.

It is important that you develop a perspective or angle to your topical sermons.

The Structure of Topical Sermons

There are several ways to construct topical sermons. However, I like constructing topical sermons by keeping three structural features in mind.

1. Develop a Topic or Subject

I always form the topic or subject (The Main Preaching) with an angle or perspective. To form an angle or perspective to the topic or subject, I usually ask the why, when, where, what or how questions of the topic or subject.

For example, if I am going to preach a message on marriage, I may look at how to create a happy marriage or I may look at what is a happy marriage.

Once I form the angle or perspective to the topic or subject, I call this the main preaching point.

2. Select a Hinge Word or Key Word

Free Topical Sermons

Once I have my main preaching point, I look for a hinge word or key word to swing all the subpoints from the main preaching point. The hinge word or key word must be a plural noun.

Many years ago I wrote a sermon on Living For JESUS in Light of His Return. This topical sermon came from a passage of Scripture in 1 Peter 4:7-11.

I asked the how question and came up with this: Four WAYS to Live For Jesus in Light of His Return. WAYS become the hinge word to swing all the subpoints from the main preaching point. The first way to live for Jesus in light of his return involves... The second way to live for Jesus in light of his return involves... The third way to live for Jesus in light of his return involves... and so forth.

3. Choose Subpoints and Incidental Points

Subpoints usually expand or explain your main preaching points. By constructing your topical sermon like this, your sermon subpoints flow from and interact with your main preaching point. This creates cohesion and sequence to your message.

Basically, you could sum up this topical sermon in one sentence. There are four ways to live for Jesus in light of His return and they involve praying wisely, loving fervently, serving generously and sharing graciously.

Of course, this is how I like constructing topical sermons.

Free Topical Sermons

Sermons on Faith: Sermons on Faith look at the topical of faith in Jesus Christ. Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Sermons on Grace: Sermons on Grace is a topical sermon that looks at the Grace of God. It asks a very important question: Is the Grace of God Sufficient? Is the Grace of God sufficient to save me from my sin?

Sermons on Prayer: Sermons on Prayer look at the different types of prayer - adoration, confession, thankfulness and supplications. This sermon looks at prayer from a different perspective - prayer as change!

Sermons on Repentance: Sermons on Repentance look at the forgotten message of repentance. Biblical repentance is turning from sin to faith in Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life.

Sermons on the Last Days: Sermons on the Last Days expand and explain a passage of Scripture from 2 Timothy 3:1-9, which looks at the changing nature of our world.

Sermons on Temptation: Sermons on Temptation deal with the topical of temtation. This particular topical sermon looks at ways to resist deadly temptation.

Spiritual Warfare: Spiritual Warfare are the battles we face with the devil, the world and the old sinful nature.

Standing Firm in Spiritual Battle: Standing Firm in Spiritual Battle is a collection of spiritual weapons for spiritual battle.

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