The study of hermeneutics is importance for consistency in formulating biblical theology. In fact, a correct understanding of hermeneutics will help the people of God to establish a proper understanding of the doctrines of the Bible.

Hermeneutics - Why Study Hermeneutics?

Within evangelical Christendom, a Christian will learn very quickly that the Bible is important to his or her spiritual journey. Therefore, Bible study has become an integral part of the life of the church.


However, understanding the Bible is not an easy task because the Bible was written over many centuries by various authors using diverse stylistic techniques. Hence, the search for truth requires a correct understanding of hermeneutics if the doctrines of the Bible are going to be properly understood by the people of God. Furthermore, a correct understanding of hermeneutics will lead to consistency in the formulation of biblical doctrines.

Herein lays the problem. On the one hand, teaching the doctrines of the Bible is paramount. On the other hand, establishing a correct hermeneutic must be considered tantamount. In other words, hermeneutics is basic and should be established before attempting to formulate biblical doctrines.

However, relative to this equation, the church appears to major on the teaching whilst hermeneutics is relegated to the theological institutions for the spiritual elite. In other words, the church seems content in teaching its people the doctrines of the Bible without providing them with a set of principles for formulating biblical doctrine. Consequently, this mind-set fosters a cloning mentality whereby Godís people are continually indoctrinated by their pastors and teachers rather than being equipped to be students of Godís Word in their own right.

To overcome this problem, it is important for Godís people to have some understanding of hermeneutics. Furthermore, reading text books on the subject of hermeneutics seems only to frustrate lay people rather than solve the problem. Hence, a teaching model of hermeneutics, that is user-friendly and practical, would be advantageous in developing hermeneutical skills within the people of God in order that they can become students of Godís Word and therefore evaluate their teachings.

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