How To Prepare Bible Messages

How To Prepare Bible Messages

In How To Prepare Bible Messages, James Braga discusses three principal types of biblical sermons.

He looks at the topical sermon, the textual sermon and the expository sermon.

In the second part of How To Prepare Bible Messages, James Braga looks the mechanics of sermon construction.

Here Braga looks at the homiletical structure of the sermon. He also discusses each component of the sermon; such as title, introduction, proposition, divisions, discussion, illustrations, application and conclusion.

James also summarizes the basic steps in the preparation of the sermon outline itself.

How To Prepare Bible Messages by James Braga is book that is well presented if you really want to understand how to write a sermon. The chapters are clearly defined so you can go straight to the topic you want to learn more from.

The Topical Sermon

In this chapter, James Braga classifies the topical sermon. He noted that there are many ways to classify sermons but he believes the best way and least complicated method is to classify sermons as topical, textual and expository.

He begins this chapter with the definition of the topical sermon. James Braga states that a topical sermon is one in which the main divisions are derived from the topic, independently of the text (Braga 21).

He urges his readers to take particular notice of this definition. He makes two observations from this definition.

First, the main divisions must be drawn from the topic itself. In other words, the topical sermon begins with a topic or theme and the main parts of the messages must consist of ideas which come from that subject.

Second, the topical sermon does not require a text as the basis of its message. By the way, this does not mean that the topical sermon is not biblical; it simply means that a text of Scripture is not the source of the sermon.

However, a topical sermon usually derives its content from a biblical subject or topic. In other words, the topical sermon has a biblical topic and the main divisions or sub points are supported by Scripture references.

Example of a Topical Sermon

In How To Prepare Bible Messages, James Braga gives an example of a topical sermon so that the readers can clearly understand what a topical sermon looks like.

The example James Braga discusses is: Reasons For Unanswered Prayer. Notice that the topic is not from a text of Scripture but from a biblical subject. Once you have the topic of the sermon, you will need to draw out main divisions. In other words, what does the Bible state about unanswered prayer?

When you search the Scripture, you will find that there are many reasons why prayer remains unanswered; such as, asking amiss (James 4:3), sin in the heart (Psalm 66:18), doubting Godís word (James 1:6-7), vain repetitions (Matthew 6:7), disobedience to the Word of God (Proverbs 28:9) and inconsiderate behaviour in martial relationships (1 Peter 3:7).

James Braga states that this example has a biblical topical outline with each main division drawn from the topic (reasons for unanswered prayer) and each division supported by a verse of Scripture from the Bible (Braga 22).

Unity of Thought in the Sermon Outline

From this example, you can see that the topical sermon outline contains one central unifying idea. To put it simply, the sermon outline deals with only one idea or theme and that one idea and theme is: Reasons For Unanswered Prayer.

Now everything that is said in the sermon must be derived from this topic. The example given in How To Prepare Bible Messages shows how this is accomplished (Braga 22). The importance point that the preacher needs to keep in mind is that the topical sermon outline must not deviate from the topic of the sermon.

You can say lots of things concerning prayer, such as the meaning of prayer, the importance of prayer, the power of prayer, the methods of prayer and the results of prayer. However, the topical sermon is not about these things. It is about Reasons For Unanswered Prayer.

Kinds of Topics

The Bible is a storehouse of topics from which the preacher can find material for topical sermons that will suit varies occasions or conditions in which mankind may find himself.

In How To Prepare Bible Messages, James Braga notes the vast treasure house of themes and subjects in Scripture, such as little things God uses, blessings which come through suffering, the results of unbelief, the spiritual battles we all face, the lies of the devil, the wonders of heaven, etc. etc. (Braga 23).

Principles For Preparation of Topical Outline

In this section, James Braga discusses several principles for preparing a topical sermon outline.He notes that the main divisions should be in logical or chronological order. In other words, the sermon outline should be developed with progression in mind; that is, moving from one point to another in a logical and sequential order. He gives a couple of example to demonstrate this principle.

James Braga goes on to give another seven principles for preparing a topical sermon outline. You can discover these principles by purchasing this book.

You can purchase this book by clicking on the following link - How To Prepare Bible Messages.

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