How To Remove Text Enhance From Firefox

How To Remove Text Enhance From FireFox provides instructions on how to remove this annoying pop up advertising on your web browers.

How To Remove Text Enhance From FireFox

How To Remove Text Enhance From FireFox

Recently, I opened my browers and received these annoying advertising words. When I moved my mouse over the word or words, an advertising box popped up with the text, Powered by Text Enhance."

I noticed that these "Text Enhance Ads" were not only on my FireFox browers but also on Internet Explorer and Chrome browers. How did they get there? How could I remove these text enhance ads from my browser? Two questions that engulfed my mind. I didn't want these text enhance ads nor did I give permission for these text enhance ads to appear on my computer.

1. What is Text Enhance

Text Enhance is advertising spam brought to you by a company called Text Enhance (or at least powered by in partnership with Vuze bittorrent software. Have you downloaded a movie lately by installing a bittorrent? I believe there are several other ways in which you can get this plug-in on your brower tool bar.

2. How Did Text Enhance Get on Your Browser

If you have downloaded a movie lately, you may have accidently installed a bittorent program called Vuze. By installing this program, you also installed a toolbar plug-in to your browser, whether it be FireFox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.

3. How To Remove Text Enhance From Your Browers

To remove Text Enhance is very simple. In your FireFox Browser, go to tools, add-ons and extensions. You can either disable or remove the problem plug-in.

How To Remove Text Enhance From FireFix

In your Chrome browser, go to the spanner icon in top-right-hand corner of browser, tools and extensions. You can either disable or remove the problem plug-in.

In your Internet Explorer browser, go to tools, manage add-ons and extensions. You can disable the problem add-on by clicking on disable.

Once you disable the problem plug-in or romoved it, you will need to restart your brower.

As I mentioned before, there are difference ways of getting this plug-in. For me, the problem plug-in was vid-saver. I have read where others have had different plug-ins that caused the problem (eg. facetheme or better links). All you need to do is isolate the problem plug-in and disable it or remove it. Remember, these plug-ins will be in your toolbar browser.

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