How To Use Snipping Tool In Windows 7

You do not need to print-screen to MS-paint to capture screen shots. Windows 7 snipping tool does it all for you. How to use snipping tool in Windows 7 provides the necessary steps to capturing screen shots the easy way.

How To Use Snipping Tool in Windows 7

Before I discovered Windows 7 snipping tool, I would use print-screen to MS-paint for screen shots. Now, I simply use Windows 7 snipping tool. It makes capturing screen shots very easy.

1. Click on Windows 7 start

Snipping Tool

When you click on Windows Start, it will bring up a window with the snipping tool. If you cannot locate the snipping tool, then type snipping tool into the search program and files box. Either way you will be able to locate Windows 7 Snipping Tool.

Before you go any further, I suggest that you send Windows 7 Snipping Tool to your desktop. You can do this by going to Window Start and click on All Programs and Accessories. Locate Windows 7 Snipping Tool and right click on it and go to Send To (You must run your mouse over send to) and left click on Desktop (Create a Short Cut).

2. Click on New

Windows 7 Snipping Tool

Once you click on new, you are ready to start capturing screen shots.

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