I Hate The Banks

I hate the banks when they behave badly and when the banks rip you off or over charge you with your monthly mortgage interest and account fees.

I Hate The Banks

I hate the banks is not about bashing banks but it is about exposing their bad behaviour and their tendency to rip you off and over charge you in your monthly mortgage interest and account fees.

As you well know, the four big banks in Australia are making record profits from increasing bank fees and increasing mortgage interest rates (not in line with RBA). However, what you most probably do not know is that the banks are behaving badly when it comes to overcharging interest on your monthly mortgage repayments.

Of course, this has been exposed on the ABC's 4 Corners Program entitled "Banks Behaving Badly" and "The Today Tonight Program" on Channel 7.

I Hate The Banks - Banks Behaving Badly

When it comes to banks overcharging people monthly mortgage interest, it usually goes unnoticed because seldom do people have the means to check their monthly bank statements.

It is interesting to note that if there is a continual overcharging of mortgage interest on your loan, you could be out of pocket $1000's or even $10's thousands of dollars over the life period of your loan.

Banks Behaving Badly - Today Tonight

Today Tonight clearly shows the banks behaving badly by overcharging people with their monthy mortgage interest. Every homeowner who has a mortgage needs to watch this video.

You can preview Mortgage Watchdog Software by clicking on I Hate The Banks.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only and is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice.

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