Legal Movie Downloads

Legal Movie Downloads provide unlimited legal movie downloads at unbelievable speeds with no file sharing software or any risk from spyware.

Unlimited Legal Movie Downloads

It’s a new age - a new experience in which DVD movies are downloaded on the internet with unbelievable speeds - a new experience where everyone can download full DVD’s legally with no file sharing software or any risk from spyware.

JOIN THE REVOLUTION and start downloading movies without bandwidth, speed or per download limitations.

This service proudly presents its innovative feature – Unlimited legal movie downloads for the first time ever on the internet.

Some Awesome Benefits:

  • Unlimited legal movie downloads is the dream of any movie lover.
  • So simple to use – this is splendid, this service really rocks.
  • Unlimited legal movie downloads for a one-time fee and without any recurring fees is breath-taking!

Some Features:

  • Search through the huge DVD movies archive for all your preferred movies.
  • Play your downloaded movies on your computer, home theater or television. Tools are provided to burn your movie downloads to CD or DVD so you can play them on your standalone DVD player.
  • Massive Tutorial Collection to help you learn everything you need to know in order to get the finest viewing experience out of your computer or home theater.
  • 100% legal movie downloads. No p2p or no third party software needed.
  • You can download or stream directly from the servers 24/7. Fast movie downloads. Just select the movies you wish to download and start downloading right now.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this service legal?
Answer: Yes, this service is absolutely 100% legal. This service has license to distribute movie titles online both for direct downloading and online streaming methods.

Question: Is there a limit to the downloads?
Answer: If you order the “unlimited” pack, you can download until your heart is content! The other packs have limitations, but they all let you download heaps of movies.

Question: I am not in United States. Can I still use this service?
Answer: Yes, this service is available to anyone in the world.

Question: The unlimited pack is only for two years. What happens after my two years have finished?
Answer: The unlimited movie downloads plan will provide you full access to download any movie from the archive for a period of two years. After this time frame has expired, you will have the chance to renew your membership for a lower rate than the one initially paid.

Question: Do you have any hidden fees within the member’s area or any other kind of recurring fee I may not be aware of?
Answer: Unequivocally no! The only fee is a one-time non-recurring payment for your membership. This service does not charge anything else other than the initial payment fee paid for your membership.

JOIN THE REVOLUION and begin unlimited legal movie downloads right now.

Legal Movie Downloads was presented by Legal Movie Downloads.

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