PDF File Hangs IE8

It is very annoying when PDF File Hangs IE8. Why does this happen?

PDF File Hangs IE8

This seems to be a widespread problem - Internet Explorer 8 hanging when downloading a pdf file.

The problem started in my desktop tower when sidewiki loaded in google toolbar.

When I uninstalled google toolbar, pdf file download worked fine.

The wacky thing about this, is that IE8 does not hang my laptop when downloading a pdf file. It has Internet Explorer 8 and the same google toolbar.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE8 and Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 several times. Still no difference. When IE8 and google toolbar are together, IE8 hangs as pdf file is downloading.

I have changed setting on IE8 and Adobe Acrobat Reader 9. Still no difference.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is.

  1. You can delete Internet Explorer 8 and instal FireFox - no problems with FireFox
  2. You can delete Google Toolbar - no problems when google toolbar is deleted

However, you may need a toolbar for page rank or something else and you like using Internet Explorer 8. What do you do then?

Simple! Delete google toolbar and install an older version of google toolbar. Just type into your search engine old version of google toolbar and download the older version and install. These older versions do not automatically install sidewiki.

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