Rounded Corners In Photoshop CS4

How to create rounded corners in photoshop CS4. This is a reminder of the steps to create rounded edges in Photoshop CS4.

How To Create Rounded Corners In Photoshop CS4

I am assuming you know your way around photoshop cs4.

1. Open Photo or file

2. Create a new layer

3. Click on Rounded Rectangle Tool

As you can see below, the rounded rectangle tool is on the left hand side - see #1. When you click on the rectangle tool, you will need to click on overlay - see #2. #3 is your radius adjustment and #4 needs to be normal.

Rounded Corners In Photoshop CS4

4. Use the rounded rectangle tool on photograph.

See below # 1

Rounded Corners In Photoshop CS4

5. Use the magic wand tool - see #2 above

You will need to place the magic wand tool between the red area and edge of photograph and click on that area.

6. Delete layer with rounded rectangle tool

See below - #1

Rounded Corners In Photoshop CS4

7. Fill outside layer with color - see #2 above

Usually, the color you need will vary in relation to the background you want for your photograph.

8. Save Photograph

All done! Have fun created rounded corners in photoshop cs4!

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