The Real Estate Coach

The Real Estate Coach is a book that outline how to find great investment opportunities, how to manage those investment for maximum profit, how to add value to those investments without breaking the bank and how to sell those investments for substantial profit. The Real Estate Coach puts you into the hands of a professional coach who will show you the ropes to financial success.

The Real Estate Coach

The Real Estate Coach

Let's face it! You will never reach financial freedom by just working for a living. Working hard and putting a little aside for retirement will not secure your financial future.

The Real Estate Coach outlines strategies for buying investment properties with little or no cash, how to spot great purchases and make them happen and how to accumulate and manage rentals or sell them for maximum profits.

The Real Estate Coach is not about looking rich by being up to your eyeballs in debt. The Real Estate Coach is about accumulating wealth through sound investments in property.

The Real Estate Coach outlines easy to understand and use strategies that will help you accumulate wealth through great property investments.

The four areas of property investment that Bradley J. Sugars expands upon are:

1. How to find great investment opportunities

2. How to manage those investments for maximum turn over

3. How to add value to your investments without being in debt up to your eyeballs

4. How to sell for a substantial profit

Of course, every investment has risks but when you have the knowledge and expertise, the risk is minimal. This book - The Real Estate Coach - will help you minimize the risks in property investment.

Author - Bradley J. Sugars

Bradley J. Sugars is a professional real estate coach who has mentored thousands investors to accumulate profitable property portfolios.

Bradley J. Sugars is founder of ActionCOACH, a global network of professional coaches with offices worldwide.

Bradley J. Sugars and the ActionCOACH team have developed highly successful strategies and systems to build success in many areas of life.

You can find more details about this book by clicking on The Real Estate Coach by Bradley J. Sugars.

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