Timothy and The Dragons Gate

Timothy and the Dragons Gate is a Children's book written by Adrienne Kress which tells the story of Timothy Freshwater meeting the mysterious Mr Shen and being plunged into an adventure of a life time.

Timothy and The Dragons Gate

Timothy and the Dragons Gate is a story about Timothy Freshwater who has been expelled from every school in the city.

Timothy and the Dragons Gate

Due to his misdemeanors, Timothy Freshwater accompanies his father to his office where he meets the mysterious Mr Shen - a mailroom clerk.

It turns out that Mr Shen is a dragon who is forced to to take on human form and is the servant to whoever holds the golden key.

When Timothy Freshwater becomes Mr Shen's latest keeper, he must help the dragon get to China in order to find an ancient dragon's gate during the festival for the 125th dragon year.

However, Timothy is stalked by a ninja and almost killed by a trio of Black taxicabs. Finally, when all seemed to settle down, Mr Shen falls into the wrong hands and Timothy needs to rescue him from a fleet of Chinese pirate junks with the help of his companion, Alex, the Ironic Gentleman, Duchess Rose and his mother.

Will Timothy Freshwater with his companions rescue Mr Shen and discover some character traits that will help him overcome his past?

Timothy and the Dragons Gate is a tale of excitment, adventure and spell-binding action. This story reveals a young boy who realizes his heart for other people and his ability to be responsible to those around him.

Author - Timothy and the Dragons Gate

Adrienne Kress is the author of Timothy and the Dragons Gate. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Publication Date: January 12, 2009

Category: Young Readers Fiction

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